Red Road Training is designed to bring elite athletes to their full potential. During my off-seasons spent with Steve, he has created individualized programs that increase my physical capabilities for the upcoming NHL season time and again. I derive a tremendous amount of usefulness and challenge in his ability to ingrain mental toughness through practical applications. Along with his holistic approach to health, Steve truly brings new and stimulating dimensions to professional training.
— Jason Zucker : NHL LW, Minnesota Wild

I have been working out with Red Road Training for over 10 years and because of Steve’s style and commitment to innovation, I have never had a boring work out or the desire to not show up for my session. Steve’s knowledge about nutrition and fitness has inspired me over the years to be my best physical self. His style of training is tough and empowering so that you never want to give up or quit. If you are someone serious about working out and committed to being in the best shape of your life, there is no one I would recommend more highly than Steve Chayra.
— Jill Fertitta

Red Road Training is a holistic approach that emphasizes the mind-body connection. To precipitate whole body wellness, Steve employs his vast knowledge to create innovative programming that enables me to train in spite of numerous chronic injuries.
— Forrest Griffin : UFC HOF, Former UFC LH Champion, Best Selling Author
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I feel blessed for having had the opportunity to work with Red Road Training for parts of my career. During my times with Steve I experienced vast personal growth. Our sessions together created a stronger mindset that enhanced my focus, fortified my determination and provided me with the motivation I was searching for.   
Having the great fortune of being a successful baseball professional, there is tremendous pressure year after year to improve from the previous season and keep elevating one’s game. Working with Steve we developed the mind along with my body and it added an entirely new dimension for me as a player. Not only did I find it a much-needed advantage; I felt the teachings applied to other areas of my life as well.
The resonating principle for me that I still carry to this day is that your belief in self can take you much further than the preconceived limits we have all set for ourselves!    

Training with Red Road is a dynamic physical and educational experience. Steve takes the time to explain the reasons for each exercise and how it fits into his comprehensive fitness plan. Workouts always contain both physical and mental challenges. Steve is a tremendous leader and the fitness programs reflect the discipline, enthusiasm and attention to detail that he embodies. After every workout with Red Road Training you are stronger, smarter and you always have fun!

From embracing the depths of water to taking on new breathing techniques, working with Steve has been the most unique approach to training I’ve ever encountered. I felt challenged mentally, physically and spiritually as I encountered various rigors through our training sessions. Making a commitment to Steve of Red Road Training is a life changing experience.
— Romeo Okwara: NFL DE, Detroit Lions